Sue Corke works across printmaking, drawing and installation. She studied Fine Art and Digital Arts at Middlesex University and graduated from the MA Illustration Authorial Practice at University College Falmouth.

The series of works on view are composite photo etchings which conjure up a dream like atmosphere and reveal Corke's fascination with the often inaccessible or invisible worlds of natural sciences. Made by taking pin hole camera photographs of the Jordan area of Amsterdam, the artist combines the settings with drawings of real and imagined street animals. In these night time scenes the urban waterways of Amsterdam become isolated habitats each with their own implied nocturnal evolutionary narrative.

Corke's interest in science and story telling also fuels a more conceptual approach. Working in collaboration with German artist Hagen Betzwieser, she has created star maps and a lunar narrative in luminescent pigment which changes over time. Working under the title: We Colonised The Moon, the duo recently produced another print impregnated with the smell of the surface of the moon, a project developed in conjunction with an industrial chemist.

In 2007 Corke won a Ferdynand Zweig travel scholarship to undertake practical creative research in the field of contemporary printmaking and illustration in northern Europe. She was also the Artist in Residence at Amsterdam's Grafisch Atelier in 2007 and was awarded a five year residency at Acme Studios Fire Station in London in 2010.