Alessandro Librio

Alessandro Librio was born in Sicily in 1982 and now lives and works in London. Librio is a sound artist whose work explores the interaction between art, music and video. He began studying music at the age of 13 when he joined the Conservatory of A. Scontrino in Trapani.

Using live performance and video installations, Librio, who primarily plays the violin and viola, creates projects which stem from the idea of creating a soundscape using buildings. By performing his music at different stages of a building's renovation the acoustic and aesthetic changes that occur are highlighted. Orientated towards improvisation, he has collaborated with diverse individuals such as Patti Smith, Michael Moore, Fred Frith, Mike Cooper, Michael Vatcher, Gino Robair and Alvin Curran.

In 2005 he created 38° Parallel a group of theatrical, musical and video art experimentation. Librio has performed internationally and in 2007 and 2008, Librio was invited to represent Italy in an evening dedicated to young European talents at Aechen in Germany. He created a piece for the Venice Biennale in June 2011.