Katie Louise Surridge

Katie Louise Surridge, born 1985, studied at Slade School of Fine Art, UCL (2010.) Surridge constructs large structural installations using found objects which she sources during scavenging missions around London and further afield.

This process of discovery is integral to the work and, having found her materials, Surridge subsequently rearranges them to construct large structural forms which often grow to fit a space and form links with each other. The assemblages of found and manufactured miscellanea develop narrative relations, and parts collected or made are also often reused in new works and given new meanings. "I enjoy focusing on discarded materials caught between production and decomposition," she explains. "Finding an aesthetic in these disposed of unloved items, is important to me." Surridge also incorporates elements of animal and botanical origin, such as pelts, bones or animals, which she preserves or taxidermies herself. In this the work draws on an element of the shamanistic and the transgressive ritual, a kind of simultaneous veneration and abjection of the animal.

Surridge was awarded The Dolbey Scholarship for Art and Travel in 2010 and was a finalist of Saatchi's New Sensations competition 2010. She has had solo shows at Riverside Studios (2010), The Hospital Club (2011) and EB&Flow (2011). Previous group shows include Saatchi New Sensations/House of the Nobleman at Cornwall Terrace (2010).