33 Degrees South: Contemporary Art from Chile

9 October - 9 November 2012

As the international art world is increasingly looking to South America for inspiration, 33 Degrees South: Contemporary Art from Chile brings together the work of six upcoming Chilean artists to a UK audience. Working in the mode of what has been called "Poetic Conceptualism", these artists provide a new perspectives within the global conceptual narrative, using personal reverie, classical culture and the earth as their source material. This exhibition presents an in-depth selection of the work by each of these artists.


This is a new generation who began emerging out of the fabric of the new Chilean democracy in the late 90s. They ground themselves in the materials of the everyday but use them to engage the spectator in a fantastical, obsessive, abstract dialogue with the universe around them. Despite the monumentality that characterizes some of the works, there is an undeniable modesty in their composition.


Every day materials are transformed into unexpected and magnificent effects: Elastic bands are transformed into towering monoliths; multicoloured pipe cleaners echo swathes of brushstrokes; elsewhere virtuoso canvases skew the senses in a trompe l'oeil mimicry of Persian carpets for a domestic environment. Fallen wood finds renewed function, and ornamental porcelain melt and drip into the newly acquired context of 'the gallery'. Finally, the very walls of the space are transformed into a neo-classical two-come-three dimensional architectural game of perception.