Neil Ayling & Ross M. Brown @ Art13 London

28 February - 3 March 2013

EB & Flow are presenting a two person collaborative piece between two emerging British artists, the sculptor Neil Ayling and painter Ross Brown.


Brown explores the experience of urban architecture in his painting. 'Wasteland' is a recurring motif and reflects the tension between the state of flux within a landscape. The passage of time is evident through cracked concrete and subsiding structures and this instability is further reflected through distortions as buildings are adopted for uses often contradictory to their initial intention.


Ayling defines sculptural aesthetics of the cityscape through a visual and physical editing process. Fragments of architecture are isolate to highlight the inherent sculptural compositions they possess. The idea of the fragment is central to the work: it acts as both a snapshot of the whole and occupies a given space dislocated from its source. Exploring the image in this way enables Ayling to edit and manipulate 'flat' imagery through a process of cutting and folding.


For Art13 London, Brown will take an existing Ayling photograph which continues his interest in the urban wasteland. He will carry out preparatory sketches, paintings and photos, absorbing the urban landscape. Ayling will then proceed to fragment Brown's two dimensional images, transforming them into freestanding three-dimensional compositions.