William Bradley / Solo Project @ Volta NY: 82 Mercer / Soho

7 - 10 March 2013

EB&Flow are proud to be presenting a solo exhibition of William Bradley at Volta NY. 


Bradley's work is both abstract art and about abstract art. Viewing the idea of the pure abstract language as problematised by its lack of communication from artist to viewer, Bradley builds in a more communal language of references or quotes from abstract art history, from Abstract Expressionism and artists such as John Hoyland, Sandra Blow and Eduardo Chillida. William Bradley's paintings distort art historical references deconstructing the role of abstraction in both modernism and contemporary art practice. Bradley defies previous notions of abstract art history by recycling past formulas from Abstract Expressionist artists such as Rothko, de Kooning and Motherwell. As Vincent Honoré, Director of the David Roberts Art Foundation, claims 'William Bradley is a perverse Abstract Expressionist'.