Neil Ayling - Verte, Public Commission Unveiling in Kings Cross

11 October 2013

BERLONI is delighted to announce that on 11th of October 2013 Neil Ayling's first public commission will be unveiled. This living sculpture entitled 'Vert' stands 10m tall, 7m wide and 1m deep in Battlebridge Court on Wharfdale Road.


Amongst residential buildings, the sculpture stands in the wider King's Cross area, where London's iconic St. Pancras station and its surroundings are currently being redeveloped and transformed into a new international hub, aided significantly by the re-location of the Central St. Martins Art School. According to the artist, the sculpture "is produced with a mission to act as a beacon for the local community."


The sculpture appears as a fragmented horseshoe, anchored to the ground and in two tone metallic; containing within a plethora of cacti, herbs, flowers and plants.

Following the seasons, it will either be in full bloom or reveal the prominent lines and structure of the sculpture, allowing for a constantly changing perspective of the space.