December 16, 2013




Margherita Berloni's gallery EB&FLOW, established in 2011 in a converted print works in Shoreditch, has undergone a change of name and a change of location this autumn! The gallerist has teamed up with Gallery Director and John Jones client Robin Mann to establish an exciting new three-story space just off Oxford Street entitled Berloni. The gallery is dedicated to exhibiting emerging to mid-market international artists across a variety of media. Berloni's inaugural exhibition at 63 Margaret Street is presented by Artists Anonymous, a collective based in both Berlin and London who aim to make painting and photography cohesive through surreal installations.


Entitled System of a Dawn, their exhibition transforms the gallery space through an "on-going game of inversion and illusion with the viewer" to create scenes you would expect to see if you had fallen down Alice in Wonderland's rabbit hole. Visitors will find themselves in a room lined with real trees and turf, teamed with Victorian wallpaper!  The experience is intended to distort expectations, allowing viewers to question the way an image is presented to the human eye.


AA have hosted exhibitions at Lazarides, The Contemporary Art Society and Camera Obscura so far this year, and their latest immersive experience is well worth a visit! The exhibition continues until 14th December and is the first in an exciting programme of Berloni residencies and public commissions across London, America and mainland Europe, including Neil Ayling's 10m tall living sculpture unveiled in Kings Cross.