Neil Ayling interview for the International Sculpture Centre (Sculpture Magazine)

by Ana Finel Honigman


Neil Ayling remixes historical and overlooked architectural details into disarming sculptures. For his most extensive series, Ayling photographed the interiors of Venetian churches, folded and cut the large-scale photographs and printed them on abstract sculptural bases, some nine feet tall. He performed similar trompe l’oeil wizardry with the interiors of drab London buildings. Both sets of work alerts viewers to often overlooked qualities and elements in these structures.

Born in Berkshire, England and living in London, Ayling attended the Winchester School of Art and has received numerous prestigious grants and awards for his thoughtful work. Ayling is one of ten sculptors to receive a Royal British Society of Sculptors’ 2014 Bursary Award. He, and his fellow receipants, will exhibit their work at the Society’s HQ from 18 September to 24 October. On October 8, Ayling will participate in a Sculpture Slam, described as “an energetic series of back-to-back 5 min talks delivered relay style” at London’s RBS Galleries ( In the meantime, he gives us a more generous amount of time to talk over his influences and artworks.


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