Carl Randall - Japan Portraits

Carl Randall, 2013

Publisher: Hawk Eye Press

ISBN: 9780992608910

Dimensions: 21 x 29.7 cm

Pages: 124

'Carl Randall - Japan Portraits' is a hardback catalogue illustrating paintings and drawings made in Japan by UK artist Carl Randall. This is a stunningly expansive and yet intimate depiction of Japan, from the winner of the BP Travel Award 2012 at The National Portrait Gallery. This catalogue includes a series of works inspired by everyday Tokyo, a personal document of the people and places of the city, depicting people in trains, shops and streets, subtle distortions in space and scale often being used to combine the familiar with a slight sense of the unreal. The recurring theme is urban isolation - anonymous strangers in crowded public spaces; people sharing the same close physical space, but mentally existing in separate private worlds. The book also has chapters illustrating his interpretation of The Tokaido Highway (a route from Tokyo to Kyoto), depicting the Japanese relationship with the countryside and some beautifully ethereal imagery. Also included are images inspired by Tokyo's crowds, work made outside Tokyo, and sketchbook drawings. A must for anyone interested in portraiture and/or Japan.


Limited edition of signed copies.